Technology Services

Technology Services is located in the Mabee Teaching and Learning Center, Suite 116 on the USW Campus in Hobbs, NM. 

We strongly encourage all of our off campus and student and faculty users to submit their initial request using the Online Support Request Form or to call the Help desk support number at 833-587-9832 and enter the appropriate extension from the menu or the list below. Please leave a voicemail if no one can pick up at the time you call. 

Our technical staff may or may not be in their offices at any given time depending on their duties for the day. If at all possible, you will be contacted during the same day you submit your ticket. If this cannot be done whether due to the time of the call or staff availability and work load, you will be contacted as soon as is possible. We will work to respond to your issue as quickly as is possible accounting for severity and existing work load/availability.

For non-emergency issues reported on holidays and after the posted hours, tickets will be addressed  as soon as possible the following day during the posted hours if at all possible. In such cases we will work to get back to you within one day and will address your issue in order of receipt. True emergency issues will be given priority, however. We thank your for your understanding.

Normal Support Office hours in US Mountain Time are as follows:
Mon - Fri 8am-5pm (Office Hours)

On Call Support via Support Line/Ticket Submission form shown above only:
Mon - Fri 5pm-8pm (On Call Support Hours)
Sun - Sat 8am-8pm (On Call Support Hours)


If you are facing an issue in Blackboard or with Cengage, VitalSource, or other content linked to through Blackboard, you can get assistance at the number and form above or contact David Willis at or 833-587-9832 ext. 1.


If you are facing an on-campus technology problem with an employee workstation, phone printer or other user device owned by the university, please contact us at the information above or reach out to Julio Castillo at or 833-587-9832 followed by the relevant extension from the menu or extension 703 for Julio's direct line. Student ID’s and Student laptops are issued by Julio. Questions regarding these should be directed to him.


If you are facing an issue dealing with account login(Blackboard, Email, Self-Service, Colleague, Online Research Databases, etc…),you can submit a request at the locations above or you can reach out to Daniel Williams at or 833-587-9832 followed by the relevant extension from the menu or extension 702 for Julio's direct line. Daniel will also assist with permissions access to Share Folders, Colleague Forms, Self-Service roles, etc…


For issues involving Wireless Network Access, Julio and Daniel will be able to assist. For issues such as password resets or account lockouts any of our team can assist. Generally speaking the best way to get help will be to submit a ticket or call the support line directly. Contacting our staff directly will not necessarily increase the speed at which you are helped. If they are able to answer immediately, they would likely have done so anyway as they receive your submitted tickets directly and all can answer the support line as long as they are available to do so.

IT Support Staff:

Julio Castillo
Assistant Director of IT

Office: MTL 116
Phone: 575.492.2180 (business hours only)

Daniel Williams
Senior Technology Specialist

Office: MTL 124
Phone: 575.492.2112 (business hours only)

David Willis
Instructional Design Technician

Phone: 833-587-9832 ext. 1

The USW Technician may request that you start the Quicksupport Software linked below. The software, once running, will present you with an ID number and a password that you can then provide to the USW technician to allow remote access for troubleshooting purposes.

Click USW QuickSupport for the software