Faculty Roster

Faculty Member Highest Degree Dept. Primary Academic Content Area(s) Secondary Academic Content Area(s) Area(s) of Professional Expertise Level Program Coordinator
Armstrong, Erica MS EDU Education Curriculum and Instruction Elementary Education, Middle School Social Science, TESOL, Visual Arts, Administration Instructor  
Arnold, David DM BUS Management, Finance, Accounting Marketing Small Business Mgmt., Finance Assistant Professor  
Becker, Jessica MS/MEd EDU Pre K-12 Physical Education, Health and Science Higher Education Kinesiology and Exercise Science Educator Instructor  
Brantley, Jazmine DED BUS Economics Management Economics Assistant Professor  
Brennan, Carol PhD A&S Clinical Mental Health Counseling Child Counseling Counseling Associate Professor  
Carmenaty, Dianna PhD A&S Criminal Justice Higher Education Criminal Justice Assistant Professor  
Castillo, Daniel DBA BUS International Business, HR Mgmt., Ethics Org. Behavior, Accounting Accounting, Management, Finance Assistant Professor  
Harris, Mary EdD EDU Special Education Adult Education Higher Education Administration Professor  
Hibbert, Tamika EdD EDU School Counseling   Counseling Assistant Professor  
Hunt, Laura DBA BUS Organizational Development & Culture Finance, Management Small Business Mgmt., Multi-Cultural Leadership Assistant Professor  
Kirkpatrick, Danny PhD A&S Theology and Christian Studies Leadership Pastor, Educator Assistant Professor X
Lobaugh, Alan PhD A&S Mental Health Counseling Child Counseling Counseling Assistant Professor  
McNichols, Christine PhD A&S Counseling Counselor Education  Women's Issues, Family and Intimate Partner Violence, Rural Mental Health, Poetry Therapy Associate Professor  
Midgley, Jeri PhD EDU School Counseling   Counseling Assistant Professor  
Pauwels, Vanda PhD BUS Finance, Economics Accounting Accounting, Finance Assistant Professor  
Sumruld, Bill PhD A&S History Religion Educator Professor X
Tipton, Ryan DBA BUS Corporate Strategy, Innovation, Change Technology, Data Analytics Entrepreneurship, Energy, Statistics  Professor  
Trout, Richard MA A&S English Communication; American Literature Journalist Instructor X
Vigil, Virginia PhD EDU Teacher Education/Educator Preparation Educational Leadership, School Counseling Curriculum & Instruction, Program Development, Diversity & Multiculturalism, Learning Theory/Learner Development, Creativity and Learning, Brain-Based Learning, Andragogy (Adult Learning), Technology in Education, Assessment and Evaluation Associate Professor  
Wier, Johnna MS A&S Biology Chemistry Agricultural Biology, Entomology, Environmental Science, and Algebra and Geometry  Instructor  
Wu, Yusheng PhD A&S Biology Chemistry Biology Research  Professor