Student Complaint Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide a safe and organized way for students to voice
complaints that they have. It is important that students have a wide-spread
understanding of how to rectify situations that pertain to their experience at USW.
When practiced well, the ability to biblically and respectfully resolve conflict is a
restorative process for the individuals involved.

The University of the Southwest values the process of resolving complaints that may

Seeking resolution is the conscientious response to a grievance that one may have
within any community. Conflict resolution is often the necessary element to bring
health back to a community. Complaints commenced through this process may bring
about an inquiry and/or disciplinary action involving another member of the University
community (student, faculty or staff). Student Life is committed to keeping a
confidential and professional process that facilitates resolution within a safe
environment, guarding against retaliation.

For the full Student Complaint Policy click the link below.
Student Complaint Policy