Learning Center

The Learning Center is determined to provide students with to resources needed to assist the student’s academic success. The learning Center offers free tutoring services to currently enrolled USW undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Available tutoring subjects include English, Math, Science, Psychology, Business, and Religion.
  • Tutors offer coaching, support and studying techniques.
  • It is recommended to set up an appointment prior to needed services.
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Tutoring availability by appointment and availability only
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Learning Center Expectations:

1. Provide Student ID card in order to sign in to the Learning Center (ID will stay with the front counter associate until you sign out).
2. Sign in prior to attending a workshop,working with a tutor, or using the computers.
3. Learning Center is for Directed Learning Activities, workshops, study hall, or tutoring sessions. Students working on unrelated activities will be asked to complete their work in the Library.

4. Use computers only for academic activities or school related printouts.
6. Come prepared to work, with necessary assignments and classroom materials.
7. Notify Success Center staff immediately of any computer problems.

8. Do not disrupt any educational activity or prevent any students/staff from performing in the Success Center.

9. Sign out of the Success Center before leaving with front counter associate.